Seeking a second opinion on any major decision is always a smart move. When it comes to retirement planning, a second opinion can help identify areas of improvement and changes that can be made within a financial plan to help achieve goals. Before choosing a professional for advice on personal finances, it’s important to understand the difference between an advisor and fiduciary. A financial advisor is someone who advises about finances but is under no legal obligation to prioritize a client’s best interests. Our Alloy Wealth Management fiduciary financial advisors are trusted experts who have a legal and ethical duty to always act in the best interest of someone else. 

Individuals managing their own portfolios who are falling short of goals or have gone through life changes that make managing investments more complicated should contact Alloy Wealth. Meeting with one of our fiduciaries will allow you the opportunity to find out what you’ve been doing right or what could have been done differently to improve your current and future finances. We enjoy meeting people who are passionate about financial planning and love educating people on ways to reach their retirement goals.

If you are currently working with an advisor or fiduciary but aren’t happy with their communication skills or feel uncertain about your retirement plan or investment portfolio, give us a call. Whether you choose Alloy Wealth or go elsewhere to seek a second opinion, remember it’s only an opinion. The more knowledge you can gain before making a major decision the more positive the outcome. 800-689-3935