Mark Henry has been asked multiple times to make guest appearances on Retirement News Online. You can watch his videos here.

In addition to television, Mark Henry also appears on the radio regularly, hosting Living Large Radio on WBT News Talk 110AM / 99.3 FM on Sundays from 1:00-2:00 pm EST. You can listen to show recordings here: Mark Henry Living Large Radio.

Mark works with couples, families and business owners in Charlotte, North Carolina. He stresses the importance of working with an independent financial advisor when it comes to retirement planning, financial planning and investment management.

(3:12) Managing Risk in Retirement

Listen to Mark Henry of Alloy Wealth Management discuss market risk, longevity risk, LTC risk, inflation risk. Adding more risk to the retirement portfolio just doesn’t make sense–balanced portfolios are key, along with holistic planning.

(4:18) Retirement Income is Critical

There is no magic number when it comes to saving for retirement. The most important thing is the income plan to cover living expenses, including Social Security filing strategies. At Alloy Wealth Management, we create an income plan up to age 95.

(5:05) Estate Planning

Mark Henry explains the differences between wills and trusts, how important it is to document everything, and how working with attorneys is mandatory. Estate planning includes ways to transfer maximum wealth to your heirs.

(3:08) Tax Planning

Surprise, you will not be free of income taxes in retirement, that’s why tax planning is so important. We help plan for you to be in the lowest tax bracket possible, looking at earned income, RMDs, qualified accounts and proper distribution timing. We help reduce taxes in retirement.

(2:56) Holistic Planning

Some people don’t have a plan, they have a whole lot of stuff. We create written comprehensive plans to follow, which address long-term care, inflation, taxation on accounts subject to RMDs, and much more. Nobody wants to run out of money, so let’s plan accordingly.

(4:07) Market Bubble

It seems everyone is worried about overvalued stocks. But stock markets will go down, it’s just a matter of time. You need a portfolio strategy that takes market volatility into account, and helps to protect principal and income regardless—we often consider FIAs as an option. Independent advice is important.

(4:00) Fear of Running Out of Money

Outliving savings is a big concern among retirees, feared more than death. Most people want to leave money to their kids, but even more important, they don’t want to be a burden to children. A customized income plan is critical to helping you feel able to do the things you would like to do with less worry.