Contrary to what you may have previously heard, retiring well isn’t about a number it has to do with strategic retirement planning. Many people believe they need to reach a certain balance on their investment statement or statements, whether it be $1 million or $10 million, to live well in retirement but that is simply not accurate. Based on our lifestyles, we all have a different definition of what retiring well will mean and we all have varying assets and debts that we need to account for when planning for retirement. 

Alloy Wealth Management has helped clients retire for many years and have seen people with big numbers fail in retirement and people with small numbers retire successfully. When one of our certified financial planners initially meets with a pre-retiree or retiree, they must ask a lot of personal questions. They aren’t trying to pry, but he or she does need to get to know a client and understand how much debt they have, how much money they like to spend every month, how they have been saving their money, how much money they currently have invested, and how that money is taxed, to better help them reach their retirement goals. Is the money tax-free or taxable when withdrawals from the account are made? There are many things to consider when planning for retirement, not just a financial number. 

Retirees who are concerned they’re going to run out of money should contact Alloy Wealth Management for a second opinion on their retirement plan. You’d be surprised what a second set of eyes can do to improve a financial outlook. Pre-retirees, no matter their age, can benefit from expert advice with regards to retirement planning because they’ll learn how to insulate themselves from the risks of rising taxes, and will learn about common retirement planning mistakes and how to avoid them. They’ll also get information on what needs to be done between the date of their first meeting with a financial planner and the date they’d like to retire, to pay off debt and save and invest, so they can realize their financial and retirement goals.

A great way to get a lot of important information about retirement planning is by registering for our 2-night Master Class called “Retiring Well In The 21st Century” where we’ll discuss,  

  • How Taxes Affect Retirement Cash Flow
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Maximizing Social Security
  • Common Financial Tools
  • Retirement Distribution Pitfalls
  • Why Losses During Retirement Matter
  • Basic Estate Planning Information
  • Why having a written, tested, and tax-efficient Retirement Income Plan should matter to you.

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