There’s a lot more that goes into retirement planning than simply figuring out when to retire and prioritizing financial goals. Deciding how you’d like to live after leaving the workforce is a crucial step in the retirement planning process. 

Most retirees spent 30 years or more going to work each day. Vacation time was limited, family obligations trumped leisure time, and opportunities to really rest and reset were few and far between. So how can a person go from an overscheduled, exhausting lifestyle to suddenly have nothing but time and nothing to do- and be happy? They can’t.

Statistics show that 1 in 6 retirees are considering “unretiring”. CNBC reported on the main reasons behind this trend of older adults wanting back in the workforce and among them were “getting bored” and “Feeling lonely”. “Personal reasons”, “needing more money”, and “inflation” were also listed in the top 5.

One-third of retirees in the U.S. experience stress, anxiety, and depression. According to PubMed Central, this has to do with a lack of daily routines. We all need a purpose, a reason to get up every morning. So, the key to successfully transitioning from the life you’ve always known to the unknown of retirement, is planning.

  • Join a golf, tennis, or pickle ball league.
  • Find a cause and volunteer weekly.
  • Get more hands-on with the grandkids. 
  • Travel as often as you can afford.
  • If you aren’t a pet owner, become one.
  • Talk to a counselor before retiring.

Speaking with a counselor before leaving the workforce is a preventative measure that could prove to be very beneficial. Change is difficult and there’s no need to go through a major life change alone. If you are too busy to find a local counselor, you can find therapists online and available on your schedule. BetterHelp.comand are two that are highly rated, and the New York Times listed their picks for best online therapy services in a recent article.

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