No two investors are alike because no two people are alike, and personality influences investment strategy. If a person were to walk in the door and say, “I’m a conservative investor” we’d need more information. They may feel their financial decisions are conservative in nature but may be moderate in risk. The same can be said for someone who believes they are a “high-risk” investor when their portfolio paints a picture of a moderate investor. Let’s put the topic of investment personalities aside and focus on what really matters, achieving goals. 

Alloy Investment Management focuses on individual risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals when enabling a client to put together a balanced investment portfolio. We educate our clients, so they understand investment management principles and strategies which helps empower them to make sound investment decisions. These decisions will directly affect retirement planning and should evolve as financial timelines change. 

If you’re new to investing, consider the following before scheduling an appointment with an investment manager, 

  1. At what age would you like to retire?
  2. What is your dream retirement lifestyle? 
  3. What are your assets?
  4. How much debt do you have?
  5. Are there expected life changes on the horizon? (Marriage or a child)
  6. What is your current income?
  7. How much money have you saved?

The answers to those questions, and others, will help your investment manager enable you to create an investment portfolio based on your specific retirement goals. If you can’t afford to take a lot of risks, an expert will know that based on how much money you make vs how much debt you have and your desired retirement age, and will advise accordingly. 

We’ll be covering investment and income strategies in our next 2-night master class on retirement planning titled, “Retiring Well In The 21st Century” and we invite you to attend. This is a complementary course that will include invaluable information on 401ks and IRAs- how to efficiently take distributions and how they’re affected by Social Security taxation, Roth IRAs- to convert or not to convert-, Common Financial Tools- Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, US Treasuries, etc., Annuities, and much more. Register online or call 800-689-3935 if you have questions about Investment Management or Retirement Planning.