Since Covid, it’s been a challenge for businesses across the country to hire and retain employees. But the number of potential new hires available doesn’t explain why businesses can’t seem to retain employees once they get them.

Maybe they aren’t trying hard enough. 

A small business in Brownsburg, Indiana was featured on WTHR on Thanksgiving because they decided to cut employees in on the profits as a thank you for working on a holiday. Pretty remarkable, isn’t it. And even more remarkable is the fact that the employees of Rockstar Pizza asked if they would be allowed to work on Thanksgiving. Owner Ron Mathews hasn’t lost a single staff member since 2020. Clearly, he and his wife Colby are doing something right. According to employees, they’re treated like family. Team member Ashly Pryor said during the interview that employees are trusted to open the store and added “he is really good to us”. 

It’s important for employers to trust and appreciate their employees. After onboarding and training, offer support when needed but then trust them to do the job you hired them to do- don’t micromanage. Communication tasks clearly and give feedback regularly. 

Pay employees a competitive rate and offer benefits that will make a difference in their lives. When a job seeker has two interviews and two offers with the same base salary, the job offer that includes the best benefits will win in the end.

Salary and benefits matter, but flexibility can be just as important. 

When an employee can do their job remotely, allow them the opportunity to work from home once or twice a week. Research from Apollo Technical shows workers to be more productive when they’re allowed to work from home. Offices have lots of distractions, but environments can be better controlled at home. And hybrid remote work situations are known to improve employee morale while increasing productivity. 

Want to improve employee retention in 2023? Channel your best “Rockstar Pizza” and make employees love you so much they ask to work when they don’t have to.