Health insurance isn’t the only type of insurance that plays an important part in financial planning. The right insurance can help diversify an investment portfolio, add security to a financial plan, mitigate risk, provide tax benefits, and provide income in retirement. 

Jacob Kujala, wealth management insurance strategist for U.S. Bancorp Investments, told U.S. Bank that “Financial planning in general is not a one-and-done transaction, and insurance shouldn’t be either.” He added, “A good financial plan takes into consideration your income, investments, goals, and concerns, and then is continually monitored. Insurance should follow that plan.”

As a totally independent firm, Alloy Wealth has access to every carrier and every kind of insurance. When a new client reaches out for insurance services, we work with them to better define their financial objectives. Then we do the homework before making any recommendations. We compare features and premium pricing so we can make recommendations based on solid numbers. We read the fine print to fully understand terms and conditions of various policies. Our goal is to help clients manage risk while potentially achieving their specific financial objectives. 

If you have questions about our insurance services or want to know the difference between term life vs permanent life insurance, or whole vs universal insurance, call us. We’d be happy to explain how new insurance policies and annuities can create income in retirement, cover long-term care expenses, allow tax-free wealth distribution to heirs and more. 800-689-3935