At Alloy Wealth Management, our clients put their trust in us and we do not take that lightly. That’s why our team of financial professionals are also fiduciaries. A financial fiduciary has a legal obligation to act in a client’s best interest. A financial planner is a job title that anyone who advises on finances can use. The term “trust but verify” does not apply to financial matters. We recommend you always verify, and then trust!

Do your research before contacting a professional for retirement planning, insurance, or investment management services. The financial services industry is complex and laws governing it are specific. Verify credentials. Certified financial planners will be listed on the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) website. Finra’s BrokerCheck is free and will show certifications, licenses, and even violations for brokers and investment managers. The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, or NAPFA, is also a great resource. Do an internet search. Look them up on the BBB website. When checking out the firm’s website, be thorough and read about team members, the services they offer, etc. Read their online reviews and social media content and comments. Call them or email and ask questions.

Alloy Wealth is an open book, and our website is extremely informative. You can put faces with names and get to know every member of our team, find out why our CEO Mark Henry founded our company, listen to Mark’s Living Large Radio Show podcasts, and much more. We always invite people who want to know more about our financial professionals or services to pick up the phone and call us at 800-689-3935.