It’s estimated that 67% of Americans have no estate plans. To us, that’s scary. An estate plan isn’t something that is just for the wealthy, we all need one. No matter your income, or amount of property owned, it’s important for you to have a say, while you can, regarding who gets what once you’re gone.

Which is right for you? A Will or a Trust?

A Will is a legal document that will be read once you’ve passed, and it will declare your wishes. It allows an individual to give specific pieces of property to named family members and friends, or charities. But a Will is also a public document that can be accessed by anyone, and it won’t protect loved ones from the probate process.

If you’ve never lost anyone then had to deal with probate, you have no idea what a nightmare the entire process can be. It’s time consuming, stressful, and often costly. And probate comes at a time when a person should be grieving and not stressed over legal matters.

Meanwhile, a Trust is a legal document that can protect family from having to deal with probate, while allowing someone to state their wishes. 

Neither a Will nor a Trust needs to be costly. We can explain the different options and costs when you come and see us. Call 800-689-3935 and request an estate planning appointment.