Businesses are increasing profits by implementing digital process automation, or DPA. Research shows that DPA has helped companies like Amazon and Netflix increase revenue twice as fast as competitors that weren’t utilizing digital solutions. 

Digital process automation brings together people, technology, and information to help improve productivity as well as the customer experience. There are a variety of digital solutions to choose from and all can save time, reduce errors, improve compliance, and increase profits.

The most common forms of DPA include companies like Quickbooks for automating the invoice process, WorkBright for employee onboarding, HubSpot for CRM (customer relationship management), Sprout Socialfor social media management, and Mint for expense tracking. Those are just some examples but there are numerous options for business owners interested in automating certain aspects of their business, as well as customized DPA for certain industries.

Real estate agents can save time and generate new business by using Spacio the automated open house app to track leads, and Dotloop for document sharing, e-signatures and more. While trade workers can benefit from using House Call Pro which helps HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Cleaning, and other businesses reduce paperwork, streamline the invoicing process, and find new customers. 

No matter the industry, digital process automation can be a time saver and a money maker. And DPA isn’t a substitute for talented team members, on the contrary. Digital solutions can handle the tedious tasks like invoicing, and free up time for employees to focus on what really matters.