A written retirement plan is something that everyone needs but very few people have. Most people think their investment accounts are their retirement plan, but that just isn’t enough. Without generating income in retirement and knowing how much to withdraw and spend each month, an individual may outlive their money. There are variables to consider in every retirement including the amount of debt, how money was saved, how retirement dollars are taxed, lifestyle, etc. We take that information into account when we create a written retirement plan for a client. We show what may happen 30 years after retirement, adjust for inflation, consider taxation, and include spending money. 

It’s a common misconception that retiring successfully requires a certain dollar amount. Our CEO Mark Henryhas seen people with a large amount of money fail in retirement and others with a small amount of money succeed. Inevitably, the people who failed in retirement had no plan and those who lived well in retirement had a plan and stuck to it. 

When you contact Alloy Wealth Management, your written retirement plan will show where your income will come from and how long it will last. The sooner you can get this information the better. If you don’t like what you see, and don’t think you’re going to have enough to retire when you want, you’ll have time to make changes in spending and investments. We can help you achieve your goals with our investment managementtax planning, and estate planning services so you can live the retirement of your dreams. Call 800-689-3935 to schedule an appointment.