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Managing Your Finances

We work with dozens of people to help them create retirement plans. But in order to get to a successful retirement, there are thousands of small decisions along the way. Like, should you drive through your local coffee place and grab a latte this morning? Go with the office gang for lunch at that little bistro across the street, which usually costs you around $15? Should you order pizza delivered for dinner tonight because you didn’t go to the grocery store yesterday? Grab that new shirt because it’s 50% off? Sticking to a budget is the beginning of mastering your
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5 Tips for Setting Better New Year’s Resolutions

If you typically give up on your goals by March, you’re not alone. Try these tips for 2019. Go ahead and set them again. Even if you’re one of the majority of people who have set New Year’s Resolutions in the past but gave up on them within a few weeks, try again. Because there is good news about setting goals, even if you haven’t quite mastered the follow-through. According to one study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, people who set New Year’s resolutions are 10 times more likely to actually change their behavior than people who don’t
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Vacation Tips for the Traveler

Whether you’re planning a modest long-weekend trip or an elaborate European vacation, here are some tips for travel this summer. PACKING Consider borrowing luggage from a friend if you don’t travel often. Pack as lightly as possible—have no more than a week’s supply of fresh, washable, weather-appropriate clothing. If flying and checking luggage, mark the bags in some way so that they stand out in the airport baggage claim carousel (i.e. big pink ribbon), and make sure your current address and phone number are securely attached to the outside of bags in case they get lost. Speaking of lost luggage,
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