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It’s Tax Season for Your 2018 Returns – Will You Owe More?

This year, the deadline to file your income tax returns is April 15, 2019. As of early February of 2019, Time Magazine1 reported that many Americans who had already filed their 2018 taxes were shocked by their lower refunds this year likely stemming from the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” law that passed in December 2017, which significantly overhauled the tax code in the U.S. “The initial batch of tax refunds in the first two weeks of the season declined an average of 8.7% from last year as of Feb. 8, according to a report from the Internal Revenue Service.
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Robots & Retirement: The Future of Financial Advice Could Be Digital

The online personal advising and personal wealth management company, Personal Capital, has added a new feature to its robotic platform: Retirement Paycheck. Retirement Paycheck is built into Personal Capital’s retirement planning tool and is designed to help clients create a tax-efficient retirement income strategy. Mark Henry, CEO of Alloy Wealth Management, weighed in on the discussion. He stated that the technology itself looks great, but would like it to address in simple terms how steady a retiree’s income really is against market volatility. “Think of it this way. If you need 5% out of your investment accounts to live on
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Mark Henry Talks With the Media About Parenting

Mark Henry, CEO of Alloy Wealth and host of “Living Large Radio”, was recently quoted in a news story, “9 Money Mistakes Parents Make,” which was featured on three major news websites: U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo Finance and WTOP-FM in Washington D.C. As Mark tells all his clients, he believes that parents teach their children best by example—and they might not realize that their own mistakes and current actions could dictate their children’s future financial success. He says, “Children end up doing exactly what their parents did. Kids who see mom and dad living paycheck to paycheck and
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