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The Message to Millennials Is Gaining Steam

As part of his ongoing campaign to teach millennials about the importance of saving even small amounts of money for their retirement over time, the New York Post picked up Mark Henry’s message in their August 18th article by Gregory Bresiger. As Social Security turned 83 on August 14th, many millennials are convinced they won’t collect a cent by the time they retire. Millennials — those born around the turn of the century — “face unique concerns for saving for retirement,” said Mark Henry, CEO of Alloy Wealth Management in Charlotte, NC. Assuming the worst, millennials should “start saving on
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When Should I Seek Financial Advice?

Here are some life milestones and events that mark when you should make the call to a financial advisor. When there’s a new baby in the family. Parents, grandparents, siblings—everyone is affected when the new baby comes along. Now is the time to plan for what this tiny family member will grow to need in the future—especially college funds. And now is also the time to make sure that you have the right insurance and protections in place to see the child through to adulthood should something unexpectedly happen to you. When you get married. Two people joined together in
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Mark Henry Featured on the “Good Men Project”

The Good Men Project, a unique website for men which receives more than one-and-a-half million unique visitors per month, recently published Mark Henry’s message to millennials about Social Security. “Millennials face unique concerns for saving for retirement,” says Mark Henry, estate planner, investment advisor and founder/CEO of Alloy Wealth Management in Charlotte, North Carolina. “Previous generations could rely on company pension plans, which are declining in number. Meanwhile Social Security is experiencing deficits that threaten its future existence. Millennials are going to have to get creative and tailor their financial habits and plans accordingly, in order to provide themselves with a
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7 Things You Should Know About Medicare Before You Retire

It’s important to understand the facts about Medicare before heading into retirement. Here is a basic overview of seven things you should be aware of when it comes to this important federal health insurance benefit. But keep in mind that certain parts of the Medicare program vary by state, so you will want to get more in-depth information before you turn 65 based on your primary retirement residence. It’s not free. Even though studies have shown that Medicare is cheaper than most health plans offered by private insurers, it still does not cover all health costs when a person retires.
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